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Pronounced Armor

ARMR was started to provide a higher quality of service than the larger companies.  At ARMR we focus on the customer and end user; with an emphasis on placing the right people in the right positions.  ARMR’s team is made of professionals from Wall Street, Major Banks, Counterintelligence Special Agents, Law Enforcement, and Analysts, adept in multiple languages, cultures, and world religions.  The problem solvers at ARMR recognize a changing global battlefield, presenting new and undefined challenges to organizations across the operational spectrum. We leverage our decades of expertise to help customers mitigate today’s complex threats with a unique combination of integrated services. ARMR Solutions always provides our clients with concise, informative, and actionable deliverables that ask the right questions, and answer the hard whys. Through our comprehensive range of services, and our extensive professional network, we ensure our clients achieve the highest levels of success.ARMR Solutions is proud to be a small, woman owned, veteran owned company.