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Risk Transference

The average professional life span of a C-Suite member (CEO/CFO) is 4-5 years.  The average time for a CISO is 1.7 years.  This is high risk and high cost for any organization.  ARMR Solutions transfers both risk and cost, by providing CISO as a service, virtually. ARMR's CISOs, are experienced, strategic minded professionals, who know how to build resilient enterprises and repeatable success. ARMR’s CISO as a Service (vCISO) offers significant cost savings while applying our suite of services to your organization's operational cycle. vCISO is a scalable service that provides cybersecurity leadership, resiliency, physical security assistance/guidance, strategy, and roadmapping, in a "pay as you need," flexible consulting model.

ARMR Solutions' vCISOs have expertise in :

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Vendor Risk Management

IT and Information Security Strategy

Incident Response capability development 

Security Automation

Regulatory Impacts

Threat Intelligence

Independent Security Program Reviews

Stakeholder analysis