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When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at begin to change.

At ARMR Solutions, we evaluate your digital and physical security needs, and mentor you through adoption of proactive and cost-effective countermeasures to reduce your vulnerabilities and make you resilient. Our Cyber and Physical risk management strategies encompass a broad range of services to help you build security as a culture and daily operational standard. With each service offering, we include a thorough analysis of risks, threats, and the road map for security upgrades and process improvements based on urgency, budget, operational constraints and more. We make sure to identify the "low hanging fruit" and easy fixes, through the lens of policy and legal compliance. We help you implement change management and institute controls that have minimal effect on operations or organizational culture but have a high threat mitigation value.

Cyber and Physical Risk Management Services:

Cyber Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (cTVA)

Physical Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (pTVA)

Penetration Testing

Signature and Attack Mitigation

Critical Infrastructure 

Supply Chain Risk Management

Patch Management

Continuous Vulnerability Assessment Scans

Root Cause Analysis

Website Application Security Assessment

Risk Rating Report

Cloud Security Assessment (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform)

Threat Lifecycle Management

Asset Management

Vulnerability Lifecycle Management

Internet of Things (IOT) Security

At ARMR Solutions, we have the experience to know that reports and check lists are not enough to create lasting change and make success repeatable.  We mentor and train our customers to make them self-reliant.  To achieve this, we offer assistance with additional challenges such as:

Developing SOPs

Screening, vetting, and training security personnel

Assistance with RFPs and screening and vetting of vendors and key personnel

Designing customized cyber and physical security capabilities and plans

Red, Blue, and Purple team table top exercises

Develop and train internal Intelligence and Counterintelligence capability